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Default Re: Final Fantasy XIII on X360 gimped.

It's surprising that people are actually surprised by this.

the PS3 is quite a bit more powerful than a 360... no surprise this game will look alot better on a ps3. Just like every other final fantasy game in the last decade it was designed for a playstation. They have always had a history of maxing out the system they're on and this one is no exception.... it just happens to be taht they went multi-platform and the xbox 360 has a much lower ceiling for performance.

And yes, tons of people are looking forward to this game. The Final fantasy series, and cult following is much much bigger than any xbox fanboy can appreciate. It is much bigger than Halo or any other "big" game you can think of for any system. This is the ultimate franchise in the console world when looked at in a world-wide perspective.

You don't believe me? Just wait until FFXIV comes out and eclipses the "biggest MMO" ever... WoW. The release of that game is what I'm really excited for
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