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Default Re: Final Fantasy XIII on X360 gimped.

I didn't say XBOX 360 > PS3 in graphics let alone most powerful console. I'm saying XBOX 360 is most flexible platform to develop for. It's matter of how big budget you're willing to spend on developing... PS3 tend to be more expensive because it requires more time to develop since PS3's hardware far more complicated than XBOX 360. Say, you have 2 years of development time for both PS3 and XBOX 360. The output quality is more likely to favor XBOX 360 unless you have alot of experience with PS3 in the beginning.

PS3 is a beast that needs to be tamed. Uncharted 2 is stunning and blows everything away.

Originally Posted by abcgamer View Post
There is a wrong notion among many that 360 has better graphics or multi-platform. The main reason is 360 is like mid-range PC and easy to make games where as PS3 is more complicated. I do not think there is any multi-platform games for some years now having bad graphics on PS3. 99% they are same with very little differences. I have read that Bayonetta is not same as 360 and that is mainly due to developers not doing a good job with PS3.

team ninja producer Hitoshi Hasegawa said PS3 is most powerful console

full interview here the above quote is taken from 2nd page. NGS and NGS2 are better ninja games than 360 hehe ...
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