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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Johnny C View Post
What would be the point of saying "Here's a mockup of what Fermi might look like....."

Might as well have said...."here's the pretty picture I drew of me holding a Fermi"

I think Hector Ruiz should go to jail.

But it doesn't change the fact that Jen....made himself look like a fool....and he's now perceived as less than honest.

Next year I'm sure someone else will do something stupid and Jen's silliness will be forgotten ....but any company that has the gall to publish cartoons about Intel should have a better code of ethics than to claim a poorly constructed mock the real deal.

Pot and Kettle...

Stone and glass houses...

He could have said it anyhow since implying it was a working sample only to delay it 6+ months causes even more problems in the longer run,and it's not the first time he's pulled stunts like these or even had comments on GPU's over the past several years that are less than accurate,or even grossly exagerated though,and it's not just my opinion either,but that of actual developers who've said the same,but on the other hand,it's his job to make his company look as best as possible all the time,regardless if what he says is bull****.

Here's another example,when Nvidia had the first DX10 GPU out well before ATI had theirs,and it was only the higher end versions too,and even before Vista was officially available or that there were any DX10 games out,he made a huge deal out of being first on the market with DX10 products regardless...Many times in fact.

Now that the shoe in on the other foot,and it's ATI that has the first DX11 GPU's out for the entire market from 60$ budget cards all the way up to 600$+,both windows Vista and Windows 7 have DX11 support and there actually are a few games that at least use some DX11 features in them,and ATI has already shipped well over 2 million GPU's to their customers,while Nvidia hasn't shipped a single one yet,he had the gall to say that ATI's lead is insignificant's pure damage control and very stupid to say that when you think about it.
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