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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Even if he is only half right ,then it does'nt look good for the GTX 480 Fermi.I hope to god he wrong and nvidia has everthing worked out ,it sounds like a killer card.But if the quanties are worst then ATI were when they first came out ,then it don't look good for nvidia.If they only have 10,000 cards at launch time,then it will be months and months before most people could get one ,if they can get one at all. We will find out more monday and I hope it not the doom and gloom I just read.I know they are haveing problems or the card would not be so late.It looks like the price is going to be around or over $800 for a GTX 480.If that is the case then I will just go with two HD 5850's .I hope he wrong because I like nvidia ,but I have nothing against ATI/AMD.I am building my mother a budget AMD system ,been a while sice I use a AMD chip.But the prices are just two good and I want to see what a cheap AMD system can do .I went with a AMD Athlon II X2 240 Regor 2.8GHz for $57 and a open box ASRock A790GMH/128 for $53.50 already have a great heatsink fan,Plus a open box SAPPHIRE HD 4850 DP 512MB GDDR3 256bit interface for $65 ,I already had 4 1gigs of Corsair Dominator 1066 DDR2,and a SATA Seagate 250gig harddrive and a samsung and sony DVD burners.I have a creative audigy ,but I am going to use the onboard sound,since she just has two cheap speakers.Iam currious to see what it will do,I will overclock the heck out of it.Most seem to overclock to 3.5gig with the stock cheap cooler at default voltage,I will be trying for 3.8 gigs.Not a bad system for under $200.
To get back on topic I sure hope what he is saying is wrong and they have a 512 shader Fermi working at 750/5000 and a Million ready to ship on lanch day at a $600 price tag.It sure would be nice,but either way I have waited long enough and if two HD 5850 is the better deal then I will go with ATI this time around and hopely next time in about a year nvidia has a worthy part out.
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