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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Should people wait another month to buy a Fermi? Depends- if you need a card right now because your old one died, probably not. If you just feel like upgrading, that depends if you want to be limited in running AA in UE3 games, not have PhysX effects, or not have a true 3d option. (not to mention lower DX11 performance)

An ATi 5XXX purchase will arguably be the "best you can buy" till next month, then they're going to to look pretty dated. This is the trade ATi made releasing an evolutionary GPU, they got half a year with little competition at the high end, now their products are going to look dated.
I think you exaggerate how "dated" they're going to look. Fermi will probably outpace 5870 in performance and likely not 5970. With ATI still having the fastest card on the market, this lessens how "dated" they'll look in the eyes of consumers.

And 3D is no longer just available with Nvidia. ATI has opened up the drivers to allow this with their hardware in the Catalyst 10.3. The difference is that it's open source and not propietary like Nvidia's solution.

Originally Posted by TweakTown
3D Stereoscopic support

While ATI won't be offering their own 3D support like NVIDIA does with its 3D Vision, they will be updating their D3D driver to enable 3rd party middleware vendor support such as iZ3D. They'll be able to offer support for 120 Hz screens and output 60 Hz per eye.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this tech being propietary. One advantage would be that Nvidia's 3D is in-driver just as Eyefinity is in-driver for ATI and doesn't require 3rd party support (like Matrox-to-go does with Nvidia.) I'm kind of on the fence about it. I guess I'd prefer that ATI have some sort of in-driver 3D option, but at least it's possible to do it which undoubtedly mitigates the clear advantage that Nvidia once had in this area.

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