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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
I think you exaggerate how "dated" they're going to look. Fermi will probably outpace 5870 in performance and likely not 5970. With ATI still having the fastest card on the market, this lessens how "dated" they'll look in the eyes of consumers.

And 3D is no longer just available with Nvidia. ATI has opened up the drivers to allow this with their hardware in the Catalyst 10.3. The difference is that it's open source and not propietary like Nvidia's solution.
"Dated" is more than just speed. When the 5870 launched, the GTX295 was still the fastest single card on the market. I didn't notice you saying "NVIDIA is still lookin' good with the fastest card on the market!" Xion. (or did I miss that?) "Dated" also has to do with being an outdated arch that will be far outpaced per GPU in DX11, GPGPU, physics, and mutli panel 3d support.

Can you link us to some reviews of ATi 3d on 120 Hz panels with shutter glasses? Or is it still just the same ol' same ol' profile driven IZ3D dual plane monitors? Now by "opening up" their drivers, are they saying you can use ANY shutter glasses?

Last, the "fastest card" is a temporary situation. Rumor has it dual Fermi launches in May. My money is on the rumor.

Before summer begins, we'll be back where we left off last summer: NVIDIA leading single and multi GPU performance and features, ATi competing on price.

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
There are advantages and disadvantages to this tech being propietary. One advantage would be that Nvidia's 3D is in-driver just as Eyefinity is in-driver for ATI and doesn't require 3rd party support (like Matrox-to-go does with Nvidia.) I'm kind of on the fence about it. I guess I'd prefer that ATI have some sort of in-driver 3D option, but at least it's possible to do it which undoubtedly mitigates the clear advantage that Nvidia once had in this area.
3rd party support can be sketchy, and are there any shutter glass makers currently gearing up to use the "open" support? I'd think ATi would have told us if their were.

Personally I think this arrangement serves the market particularly well:

People who want the features, or "best of best" performance, will have NVIDIA cards to buy for more money.

People who want still very high performance coupled with a few less features can save with ATi cards.

Everybody wins if the market plays out as I expect.
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