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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
"Dated" is more than just speed.
Your average consumer prioritizes a benchmark graph. Your average consumer looks to see which card is out in front. Nvidia and ATI both know this which is a key reason they keep releasing dual-GPU cards each generation.

The enthusiast crowd, such as you or I, knows there are underlying features that have an impact on how dated a technology is. That's not what I'm arguing. When you said that ATI's 5xxx line is "going to look dated," that's a generalized statement that applies to the masses. It doesn't. Average consumers don't care as much about how it's done as long as it's done. They're going to flip to Anandtech or FiringSquad, see the 5970 out in front, and assume that it's the best card on the market--features be damned.

When the 5870 launched, the GTX295 was still the fastest single card on the market. I didn't notice you saying "NVIDIA is still lookin' good with the fastest card on the market!" Xion. (or did I miss that?)
I didn't say it, so that means that I had some sort of issue with the 295 or Nvidia? That's some twisted logic that you're using.

In fact, I've repeatedly said that I like SLI and that it's been mostly transparent for me whenever I've used it:

SLI is transparent for me.. works nearly as hassle-free as a single GPU and scales well. It's necessary, for me, with games like Crysis and Clear Sky that need more GPU power to run well.

I wish that you would stop trying to turn every graphics discussion into an Nvidia vs. ATI thing like one of us has to play for a certain team. The only thing I am interested in are the facts. I could care less about supporting one company or the other as should be evident from my hardware purchases over the past few years.

"Dated" also has to do with being an outdated arch that will be far outpaced per GPU in DX11, GPGPU, physics, and mutli panel 3d support.
You're talking a year or two down the road before we start to see many DX11 games on the shelf. Average consumer doesn't care about that. Average consumer cares about what performance he sees at the present time.

Can you link us to some reviews of ATi 3d on 120 Hz panels with shutter glasses? Or is it still just the same ol' same ol' profile driven IZ3D dual plane monitors? Now by "opening up" their drivers, are they saying you can use ANY shutter glasses?
I'm not going to debate the specifics of 3D because, honestly, I don't know that much about it and don't currently use it. I'll let whoever here is interested do the research if they'd like to know what advantages/disadvantages there are in Nvidia's solution as compared to ATI's.

Last, the "fastest card" is a temporary situation. Rumor has it dual Fermi launches in May. My money is on the rumor.
I'm not going to base my purchasing decisions on "rumors," and I'd advise others not to, either. A single Fermi chip is already pushing 280w, so given that PCI-e spec is 300w or under for a graphics card, it's going to be challenging for them to release a dual-GPU product that will outpace 5970 as they have a power ceiling to work with.

Will they? Possibly. Regardless if it does or not, you said it would be "next month" when the 5xxx series would look "dated," and if Nvidia doesn't release a dual-GPU Fermi until May then that statement becomes less and less viable.

Before summer begins, we'll be back where we left off last summer: NVIDIA leading single and multi GPU performance and features, ATi competing on price.
Possibly. Or possibly not. It's just speculation at this point to say that Nvidia will be leading in multi-GPU when there are no specs or even an official product announcement for a dual-GPU card yet. And given that it'd need to slide in at 300w or below, when their single GPU version is already in the vicinity of 250-275w, it makes it even more difficult to take back that performance crown.

3rd party support can be sketchy
Yep, it's just a good thing that Nvidia has that 3rd party support (Matrox-to-go) for multi-monitor support to match ATI's in-driver Eyefinity.

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