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Default Re: Random System Freezes in AMD64.

I am inclined to think that IT IS an nvidia issue because I have 2 machines, both with:

- FBSD 8 revision (FreeBSD 8.0-STABLE #0 r204106M: Sat Feb 20 03:29:09 UTC 2010) svned and compiled on the same day on both machines.

- KDE 4.3.5 with openGL, composite and direct rendering enabled on both.

- Vbox 3.1.4 (plus the same version guest additions on each guests i.e. XP, Win7 and Fedora).

- Both machines run the SAME 3 vdi guest files.

One has an Nvidia 9800 GT and the other an GM45 intel.

Only the Nvidia machine always freezes with virtual box
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