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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

For some of you it doesn't matter but to me it comes down to one thing. Price/Performance. Which ever company has that, I'm going with ATI, gets my money. We are in a recession and times are tough for everyone, if you can get a card that performs with in the range of a card that cost $100+ more which one is your average user going to buy? Probably the cheaper card. I don't care about "features", physics has been being hyped for years and I've yet to see a game that's made me want to run out and buy it. Second all these proprietary "features" NVIDIA have actually make me want them less. I hate feeling like I have to buy something more expensive to get it, I will either a.) not buy the game if it's required or b.) buy the game but not worry if I don't have pretty floating papers when I beat up bad guys.

Personally at this point I don't care if Fermi blows me and cooks me dinner, if the cheapest solution I can get is $100+ more than ATI I won't be buying it. I don't play games like I once did and I also don't spend money like I once did. Because of this I ultimately want the best price/performance I can get. NVIDIA doesn't seem to get this, they think that because they have the numbers they can charge massive amounts for their cards. Maybe I'll be wrong but right now it doesn't matter, I'm waiting till the end of the year to buy anything. By then maybe NVIDIA will have a competing price/performance card on par with ATI's price/performance. But in the end when the day ends money is my biggest decision factor anymore. ATI's cards don't suck and they offer great price/performance and that's all that matters to me.

Good luck to both companies, competition is a great thing. But it doesn't matter how much you defend or trash either company NVIDIA will loose the minute they price their cards to high. So who cares whether the yields are low or it has C++ programing. I just play games with my graphics card.
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