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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
I don't believe anyone reads Charlie Demerjian at all. Charlie isn't a smart person, he's not a journalist. He's a rumor monger who only posts rumors he think will damage NVIDIA.

He does this because NVIDIA removed his press privileges due to his misuse of his press privileges. This angered Charlie, so since then he's been acting like a teenager who was left home on prom night because their beloved found someone prettier/more handsome to escort.
I don't doubt that he's got something against Nvidia,but on the other hand,the possible release schedule he's stated over the last 6+ months regarding fermi has been accurate so far,so whatever his sources are,they've been giving him the correct information,not the BS we've been hearing from NV directly,such as it might be out in late november 2009,stated by none other than Nvidia's CEO himself.

Is Fermi "late"? I guess so, but I'd note that we're talking about inventions here, and you can't really schedule when they're done to coincidentally occur the same day your competitor launches a product. These things are in development for years.
I'm not even asking the same day either,and things can and do screw up on occasion,but having said that,being 6+ months late is another matter altogether,and long enough that only the most hardcore Nvidia fan would wait for it,or tolerate that they'd still buy it even if it's not the fastest card on the market when it eventually does get released....I want the fastest card for my money thanks.

Has being "late" damaged NVIDIA, like all the ATi fans said it would? Depends how you look at it. On one hand, NVIDIA actually gained desktop marketshare on ATi last quarter, and made more money than ATi the last two quarters. (so I guess the "uber triumph" of the 5XXX series didn't help them much) OTOH, it's pretty obvious NVIDIA would have been more successful if the Fermi based products were in the market those two quarters.
Like you said it depends on how you look at it....What i do know is that whatever amount ATI has managed to sell for their HD5*** actually sells at a premium and has a nice profit margin for each one sold,unlike what Nvidia are likely being forced to do right now by seriously lowering the prices for all their current cards,therefore reducing their profit margins considerably,even if the end user can get great deals in the end.

Should people wait another month to buy a Fermi? Depends- if you need a card right now because your old one died, probably not. If you just feel like upgrading, that depends if you want to be limited in running AA in UE3 games, not have PhysX effects, or not have a true 3d option. (not to mention lower DX11 performance)

In case you haven't realised yet,people have been waiting for 5 months now,not just one like you state,and as for GPU based physX,which has only been used in a relatively small amount of games and the effects themselves aren't exactly mind blowing,and really require SLI setups to maintain good FPS performance(this is stated by users using Nvidia cards BTW),and it remains to be seen about it's DX11 performance across a large variety of games,not specific ones at cherry picked settings if you know what i mean..

An ATi 5XXX purchase will arguably be the "best you can buy" till next month, then they're going to to look pretty dated. This is the trade ATi made releasing an evolutionary GPU, they got half a year with little competition at the high end, now their products are going to look dated.

Strong statement indeed,given that they've gotten a six month lead on Nvidia,will likely have refresh parts out by the time Ferrmi is out in decent enough quantities to actually find one on store shelves,or ignoring that a brand new line of video cards(HD6*** series???),might actually be released before the end of this year,because ATI engineers haven't been sitting on their asses while Nvidia gets it's **** together with Fermi here....It would be very naive to think so.
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