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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
I agree we don't need to have an "ATi vs NVIDIA" battle. First and foremost, there's not a lot to discuss till everyone can buy a Fermi and the benches, final clocks, etc are known.

I can fully agree to that...It's about time Nvidia stopped talking the talk and started walking the walk if you know what i mean....Saying it'll be the best thing ever and the weeks and months just passes by with nothing to go on except slides and technical analysis articles only goes so far.

Second, I don't think we really have anything to argue about on the features front- NVIDIA just wins that hands down.

They have 3d Vision that can be used with a variety of LCD monitors, projectors and television.

I'll give that one for the time being.

They can do "Eye-finity", they can do it in 3d as well.
Like i mentioned in my previous post,it requires an SLI setup while ATI does it with one card.

They can run C++ native and are on the forefront of GPGPU, with many handy apps already on the market.
Good if you're a developer or run applications created in cuda,but that's not the situation with most users and you know it.

They're the only game in town for hardware accelerated physics effects.
Also requires SLI setups to pull off with good performance anyhow,single card,unless it's a GTX295,it gets a little choppy,especially if you like to play with high quality graphics settings,and we all do of course.

They're the only solution that offers total flexibility for multi GPU, with open profiles. Games launch with profiles rather than users waiting for a patch.

Actually,the latest Catalyst 10.2 driver set,released just yesterday btw,can now update crossfire profiles seperately from the driver package itself,so as soon as a new game hits store shelves,users will be able to download an updated driver profile package directly from ATI's driver support site,without having to wait a month for the entire driver package as it was the case up to now.

They have the only automatic switching graphics for lap tops.
That i got to admit is pretty cool overall

UE3 engine games get AA.
It's been quite a discussion on that one,since the latest game(batman darkham asylum),actually does a hardware detection to see if the system in question has an Nvidia card in order to allow it,but ATI GPU's are able to do it just fine,so it more a marketing thing to allow a feature to work with one GPU and not the other.

Users can force AA in UE3 games using the control panel with ATI hardware.

Compared to that all ATi has:

They offer 6 panel as well as three panel Eyefinity.

They offer some home theatre capabilities, for those who have costly video cards but lack a blue ray player.

They have support for IZ3d monitors.

And that's it for the differences. I agree Joe Public may not use half the stuff, but wouldn't you want it available even if you didn't?

If i don't use Cuda,why would i care if it does support it or not?....I mean like it or not,open standards is what makes the world go round,and the same goes for PhysX or Nvidia's 3D display....Proprietary standards never fly in the long run,since Nvidia isn't the only company out there and GP-GPU,physics and 3D technology will only fly when there's actually a unified standard that every GPU maker has to abide by,users know this and so do developers that create games,and that's the bottom line.

Given the above,and with ATI releasing the HD5*** line way earlier than Nvidia will with fermi,and they are outstanding cards for both performance and features,why would i wait for fermi that long is just mind boggling.

I'm the owner of a pair of HD 5970's in quad crossfire which have a simply umbelievable amount of grahics horsepower,and of course are DX11 certified and make every game out there it's personal bitch even at insane settings,and i think you mentioned that a Dual GPU fermi card than can actually beat these card may come in may of this year....That's 6+ months after i bought these,so they better be faster...
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