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Default Re: PS3 Yellow light of Death

I know. Apparently it takes the place of Sony's send it to us and repair warranty with a replace on the spot warranty. Was not happy, will talk to manager as he sold it to me in 07 and I thought he said it takes place after manufacturer. Nevermind. It's no big deal except we lose the ability to watch BDs for a month or so.

PS3 was horizontal, we have just moved house however. PS3 traveled with me in it's carry case. As for fixing it myself. I saw the heat gun fixes and while I used to fix Laptop and the like a few years back as a PC tech. I'd rather just pay the money and let a professional do a proper job. I spoke to a guy who fixes PS3s unofficially and he said in his experience. The whole board needs to be replaced otherwise the problems come back 90% after a short while.
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