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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Well,here's an update from charlie on the GTX470 and GTX 480 cards,but without giving specific information on the actual performance numbers so that his sources aren't uncovered....It's a pretty long article:

In short,the GTX 480 is only about 5% faster on average in real world gaming scenarios than the HD 5870 cards and that the GTX470 is actually slower than the HD5870,also that they run pretty hot even when in 2D mode and the card will have to sell for about the same price that HD5870's are going for.

The main advantage seems to be in tesselation ability,where it can actually beat an HD5970 card,but that only shows in the heaven tech demo when the shaders are just handling the tesselation calculations,and that Nvidia may be very picky about who it gives the few cards they have for review,in order to avoid the situation that happened with the GTS 250 cards and the anandtech and hard OCP reviews,which the cards got slammed hard for simply being rebrands of older GPU's basically....Availability is extremely limited period as if there selling these for the same price as HD5870's,they're losing money on each one they make.

I'm hoping to hell this isn't accurate to be honest,otherwise Nvidia is going to get roasted alive after all the delays that Fermi suffered so far,and all the performance promises they made that it would easily beat the HD5870 cards.
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