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Default Re: Any Ethical Hackers?

I did a little testing today with some "free" custom made keyloggers. I have a test Windows XP Pro VM that I used as the "victim" and wow, you gotta be pretty good to get these things working right.

In order for a lot of keyloggers to work right or even run, the victim workstation has to have the .Net Framework 2.x or higher installed and Windows Firewall completely disabled. Most of the "free" ones I found were created in VB so go figure. Most keyloggers will either email you results every xx Minutes or they will send them via FTP. Finally, most AV products will not detect any infections or disturbances. Very odd.

Why did I give you guys my results? TO LEARN FROM IT. If you see any unsolicited FTP traffic going out of your network, you'd better see what the heck's going on. I haven't really figured out a way to disable the email portion of the keylogger yet.

If you think you are getting hacked or your accounts are getting hijacked, then change your passwords immediately.

I've got a couple more security things all of you guys should be doing but I will post them later. Hope you guys are finding this stuff informative.
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