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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
Yep... and everyone thought the 2900 XT was going to beat the pants off of the 8800 GTX as well. Guess how that turned out...

major delays + manufacturing problems + lots of heat + lots of power = a slower card.

Seriously... that's always how it ends up.

It was wasn't it...The R600 was:

1:6+ months late(Like fermi is).
2:Used a large die,the largest ATI ever designed(Fermi is much larger than Cypress).
3:Power use is way too much period(Just like Fermi is aparently).
4:Chip ran hot and the cooling was noisy(Seems Fermi is the same there on both counts).
5:Users couldn't overclock the R600 that much,largely because the above issues(looks like fermi is the same there by the looks of it)
6:The X2900 XT card needed a 6 + 8 PCI-e power connector configuration(the Fermi cards shown at CES in january also had that too).

In short,the only thing not known for fermi was it's actual performance in games,and if this article is correct,then Nvidia better put the PR spin machine running faster than it ever has before,because i can see the flames coming a mile away.
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