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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
So you're saying it possible NVIDIA's unreleased drivers for an unreleased new arch on a new version of DX aren't perfect Johnny?!??!


I bet all of ATi's unreleased drivers are glitch free and WHQL to boot.
I know that ATi's cards can run the heaven demo glitch free.....and honestly....that's all that matters...

Do you have some sort of strange ADD or something?

You read Charlies article....and then posted/skewed the info to "double dx11 performance"

You read my reply...which simply challenges that no-where does it state "double dx11 performance"

You then reply focused on pre-release drivers comparing nV to ATi and blame the drivers for the issues.

I don't know what your profession is....but I'd like to suggest you take up lobbying....I think that your line by line/take everything out of context and information skewing abilities would make you a very rich man. Someone could benefit alot from your hard work. However I'm betting as of've scared more people off nV products then you've convinced to buy nV products. So I probably wouldn't hand in a resume over there....

It saddens me to see the same kinds of posts over and over...especially when you do post up good info and relevant stuff from time to time...
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