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Default Re: Any Ethical Hackers?

Keyloggers are something I haven't messed with, although I have had to remove some before. In the past I seriously got frustrated to the point of having to reinstall on the infected system (it was a very mucked up system that my neighbors had).

Something that I've been investigating lately is SSL / HTTPS decryption MiM attacks. It's frighteningly easy to do and really shows the dangers of being on an unencrypted network... greatly reinforcing my first post of having a strong WPA password.

Six if you want some details on how to setup a situation like this PM me. But there's also guides plastered all over the BT4 forums so if you're in as deep as I am there you may have already seen it.

Overall from the 2-3 months I've spend messing with this stuff in my free time I've really learned the steps that need to be taken to secure a system from hacking.

strong WPA passwords are a must.... WEP is a joke
Windows passwords need to be strong... however they aren't enough
BIOS passwords are needed to protect against someone booting with a flash / cd drive and bypassing your windows password
unencrypted networks cannot be trusted. It'd be far too easy for someone to go to your local Starbucks and setup a MiM attack against anyone on that wireless network and you wouldn't have the slightest idea.

I was thinking of talking to my advisor at school to see if any of the classes offer anything on GPGPU programming... I'm sure its all too new to really be out there but that would be an amazing thing to get into. These CUDA accelerated applications are making tremendous strides in cracking encryption schemes we assumed were secure.

The coolest things about it is that most see GPUs just as another core... so SLI is a null point and since all the programming you're doing is highly parallelized you don't need to really worry about how it scales because it should scale very well.

There's a guy I've been talking to who's running a quad-GTX 295 server for cracking WPA passphrases. He's saying it's pushing 80,000 keys a second... Very impressive and realistic considering my GTX 285 which is extremely overclocked is putting ou 15,000 keys a second.

Here's a shot of his rig

Very impressive.... It's kind of a waste to some of us since only 2 could be used in an SLI configuration. But he's seeing almost 100% scaling per core. ~10,000 per core. It's amazing what CUDA is doing in this area.
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