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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Actually, ATI being due for a refresh is a perfectly good reason for nvidia to keep performance numbers a secret.

As soon as we know how Fermi will perform, ATI will have something to set their sights on and will put their refresh cards out as soon as possible.

The longer nvidia keeps ATI in the dark, the less time ATI will have to match or beat their performance.

I don't believe so,since whatever the refresh is,the specifications they will have as the aim to hopefully hit will have already been decided upon fairly long ago,regardless of when fermi is actually released or how it performs....Basically they'll be doing the best they can with what they have,while still having good yeilds and making money,which is the whole point of the excercise.

Even ATI's CEO has already admitted that while he feels confident that the company will hold on to the speed crown for most of 2010,not only given the products they have now,but the ones they have coming in the pipeline,he also already went on record as saying that Nvidia might have the lead for a limited period of time during 2010.

Basically,he's already assuming the worst case scenario and thinking that Fermi will be the fastest single GPU on the market for a while,so there's not really much to gain by keeping the fermi benchmarks a secret,and in fact a lot to lose since it's so delayed to begin with,and it's potential reign as the fastest card is getting shorter by the week with all the delays.
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