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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
And with each click he can tell his owners (ATi) that he served them well.

I don't have Fermi card yet, but Charlie's article doesn't make me feel bad about the prospect even if every word is true.

Here's why:

5% faster overall than a HD5870: 5870s are very fast cards, 5% faster wouldn't suck. It would be approximately the speed of a GTX295, which would be in line with pretty much every other next gen launch I can remember. (little faster in some games, little slower in others than last gen SLi)

So waiting 6+ months for a card that's only 5% faster on average in real world gaming,and uses 280 watts of power in the process,versus a competitors card using 100 watts less,is considered a victory is it?.....Moving the goal posts much there?

Imagine enthusiasts like ourselves going towards SLI or triple SLI setups using GTX480 cards at 280 watts a pop,and those 3 cards alone can be pulling 840 watts as a worst case scenario,and still being beat performance wise by a quad crossfire setup using 2 HD5970 cards using about 600 watts between both cards,maybe 700 watts once you overclock them pretty hard.

Double the DX11 performance of a 5870: that speaks for itself, just amazing. If single chip NV offers double chip ATi DX11, imagine what double chip NV will offer? ZOMG

That was only shown with tesselation ability and it's cool that at least in that one aspect,it's so much faster than ATI's cards,but by the time games actually use enough tesselation to show that difference,both companies will be releasing GPU's far more advanced than these anyhow,so no high end enthusiast will care,as they'll have moved on since then.

Hotter: Yawn. I'm a freaking enthusiast. I don't try to stuff my expensive parts into an old Compaq desktop case with one fan.
Then get started on going water cooling the cards even if overclocking them isn't part of the plan,imagine if you want to overclock them...

Power: Again yawn. For the same reasons I have good cases, I have good power supplies. I advise all people who want to run high end graphics and CPUs to do the same.
Well,840 watts for a triple SLI,then add the power use of a highly overclocked CPU,the motherboard needs,the ram,optical drives and hardrive/SSD setup,not to mention the water cooling power needs for the pump and fans,and don't stop until you hit power supplies rated for 1500 watts...You know,the ones that cost 400$ on their own.

And while you're at it,plug the PC in it's own dedicated power circuit within the house,since most of those use a 15 amp breaker at 120 volts,which outputs 1800 watts max,and power supplies are never 100% efficient(usually around 85% efficient these days),so that uber PC will suck all the juice from that wall socket on it's own.

No lights in the room,or large TV's,or audio/home theatre system unless you're also willing to hire a contractor to modify the electrical system in the house...

Cost/losing money: As much as I like my buddies at NVIDIA, I won't lose sleep if they lose money selling consumer GTX480s at first. My guess is a. they'll figure a way to make money anyway, perhaps with those excellent Quadros that totally own the professional market b. they'll make more money with each revision c. the closer they are to ATi pricing, the more cards they'll sell as they are the market leader with the name recognition in the masses anyway.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I bet if someone was REALLY bored they could go through my old posts find me "predicting" that when Fermi launches, ATi guys will be back to saying "NVIDIA cards cost too much to make! NVIDIA cards are too hot!"

Guess I can see the future, just like Charlie.

If they do lose money on each one they sell,you can bet that the volumes for the Geforce lineup will always be limited,and most chips will be used for quadro's and Tesla market,as Nvidia isn't stupid or suicidal enough to do gaming enthusiasts favors and lose money for them selling these at ~400$.

If the article is true,then this first generation Fermi card is dead in a water as a Geforce product basically,and look for 2nd generation products using 32nm or even 28 nm soon after....ATI will make sure they'll need them with the northern islands GPU's potentially being released by the end of the year.
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