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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
And with each click he can tell his owners (ATi) that he served them well.

I don't have Fermi card yet, but Charlie's article doesn't make me feel bad about the prospect even if every word is true.

Here's why:

5% faster overall than a HD5870: 5870s are very fast cards, 5% faster wouldn't suck. It would be approximately the speed of a GTX295, which would be in line with pretty much every other next gen launch I can remember. (little faster in some games, little slower in others than last gen SLi)

Double the DX11 performance of a 5870: that speaks for itself, just amazing. If single chip NV offers double chip ATi DX11, imagine what double chip NV will offer? ZOMG

Hotter: Yawn. I'm a freaking enthusiast. I don't try to stuff my expensive parts into an old Compaq desktop case with one fan.

Power: Again yawn. For the same reasons I have good cases, I have good power supplies. I advise all people who want to run high end graphics and CPUs to do the same.

Cost/losing money: As much as I like my buddies at NVIDIA, I won't lose sleep if they lose money selling consumer GTX480s at first. My guess is a. they'll figure a way to make money anyway, perhaps with those excellent Quadros that totally own the professional market b. they'll make more money with each revision c. the closer they are to ATi pricing, the more cards they'll sell as they are the market leader with the name recognition in the masses anyway.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I bet if someone was REALLY bored they could go through my old posts find me "predicting" that when Fermi launches, ATi guys will be back to saying "NVIDIA cards cost too much to make! NVIDIA cards are too hot!"

Guess I can see the future, just like Charlie.
And posts like this REALLY make me miss Chris more. Your posts crap on his memory and the good he did to the community Rollo. I really wish you would take that into consideration everytime you go into one of you "us against them" modes.

I am still waiting to see how Fermi does, personally, but making arbitrary statements like "twice the dx11 performance" while calling Charlie's equally arbitrary statements false is not quite the way to get your point across

The issue now is much like it was during the NV30 and the AMD 2xxx card release timeframe. The cards are late and the assurances and dates provided by the company have been off-base.

Still, even given that, I think people have been quite patient overall.
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