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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
ATi's CEO says ATi will do well? AMAZING!

Of course he said that without any knowledge of his competitors products.

Maybe he borrowed his favorite employee Charlie Demerjian's crystal ball!

Hey all i know is ATI has been owning Nvidia over the past 5+ months with the highest performance parts on the market right now,and actually managed to launch an entire DX11 lineup of cards from 60$ redwood based GPU's to 600$ + hemlock dual GPU cards,and did that in less than 6 months,something which Nvidia has never done in it's entire history,so can you blame ATI's CEO for being pretty optimistic here....I sure wouldn't.

If the above situation was Nvidia's,you'd bet it's CEO would be shouting it from the rooftops as loud as he could,instead,it's anouncing delays after delays for Fermi,saying that high volume shipments will only happen in the second quarter,and stating that their current DX10,DX10.1 GPU's are enough for the mainstream and value markets,because they're fabulous,when ATI has DX11 GPU's for those markets too.

I know most consumers aren't that informed,but even they can see the difference between a DX10 card and a DX11 one,so which one you think they'll pick?

To wich this scenario applies quite nicely for the past 5 months....Some here have seen it and it is quite funny:

In short,Nvidia is getting screwed hard here...
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