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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
And posts like this REALLY make me miss Chris more. Your posts crap on his memory and the good he did to the community Rollo. I really wish you would take that into consideration everytime you go into one of you "us against them" modes.

I am still waiting to see how Fermi does, personally, but making arbitrary statements like "twice the dx11 performance" while calling Charlie's equally arbitrary statements false is not quite the way to get your point across

The issue now is much like it was during the NV30 and the AMD 2xxx card release timeframe. The cards are late and the assurances and dates provided by the company have been off-base.

Still, even given that, I think people have been quite patient overall.

How I post has nothing to do with how any other Focus Group member posts, or posted.

It's more than a little unfair and insensitive of you mention my deceased friend. You're either really young, really stupid, or both.

BTW- using false analogy isn't a good debate tactic. For example, in the two cases you noted, the cards launched were lacking in both features and performance. The Fermi cards will be market leaders in both performance per GPU and features. There's a little difference comparing that to two cards that could barely even do AA.

I only quoted Charlie on the 2X DX11 performance, because he said it. He also said it was only in the benchmark, but he said it was a "huge win". I agreed with him in a post I prefaced with "Even if everything he said is true".
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