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My old Netgear WGR-614 wireless G router (bought in 2003) had crappy range, the upstairs computers were connecting at only 1Mbps and I had to constantly reboot it, plus the DHCP didn't work most of the time.
I just recently bought the Netgear WNR3500v2 wireless N router to replace it and it's been great so far. The upstairs computers connect at the full 54Mbps (they both have wireless G cards) and they haven't had a disconnect since I hooked it up. The desktop I'm on now is hooked straight to it via ethernet cable to it's gigabit ports. It also has WPA2 security. I highly recommend it.
I bought mine at Best Buy for $119 but Newegg has them on sale now for $99 with free shipping

Edit: If anyone buys one of these make sure you get the v2 as the first version put out had problems, you can tell if it's the first version if it has flashing blue lights at the top that denote antenna activity. The v2 doesn't have these lights and also doesn't have the problems the original had.
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