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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
I'm not sure of anything,and have just been keeping tabs on how painfull the birth of Fermi is being,and yes it's being a huge pain,quoted even by the Nvidia Engineers that are designing the damn thing(read anandtech's articles on it).

The main point is that this isn't 10 years ago when GPU's were screwing around with 10~25million transistor budgets and people were still worried about which model was the better gaming card for the longer run,and had to play games that were already available on store shelves at much more modest settings than we can now,so the wait argument held more water back then so to speak.

Today,we have GPU's with 2 to 3 billion transistors,allowing to play games even on 3 monitors at pretty insane settings,and all the main feature set for 3D effects are controlled by microsoft thru Direct X,so all cards have to support those features anyhow,and do them with good preformance,so with the current environment as it is,the waiting for the better gaming card argument is well behind us,and it's more about who scores the highest benchmarks as this point,so the wating for the miracle card when it's this late and with ATI having such good cards is basically insanity.

I own a pair of HD5970's in quad crossfire,which is simply an insane amount of graphics power for what is primarily a gaming machine,and will likely take years to release games that actually stress these in any meaningfull way on their graphics ability,and even if i didn't have a preferance for ATI cards and was completely neutral on which brand i'd pick,you'd want me to wait 6+ months for Nvidia to get it's act together,and ignore than HD5970's exist altogether?....Hell no.

And that's just on that delay alone,never mind the other rumors regarding it,such as very high power use even by enthusiast standards or ****ty yeilds and still limited quantities for the next couple of months at least,and the final nail in the coffin is if really the average performance of Fermi really is only 5% faster on average than the HD5870,making it more or less look like the same situation that happened with the NV30,even though Nvidia claimed for months it would be the greatest thing ever and was also trash talking the 9700/9800 pro cards as much as possible,and we all know how that turned out didn't we.
Heh- I don't care what you buy. I'm not telling anyone to wait, I'm not saying you should have.

It's kind of interesting you're so concerned with the "painful birth" of the Fermi when you already have your 2 X 5970s, not like you'll be switching, is it?

You just want to post FUD about Fermis apparently, try to help out ATi like Charlie. Whatever your reasons, that's fine.

I've played with Fermis, I'll be owning them very soon, and I'm pretty confident I'll enjoy them.

With my cards I can use AA in UE3 games like Batman, I'll be able to do 3d surround when I buy 2 more 2233RZs, and I can use the cool PhysX effects in my Darkest of Days, Batman AA, Mirrors Edge, Cryostasis, Dark Void, UT3, and GRAW2.

Heck, I'd stick with my quad GTX295s or GTX280SLi over your 5970CF this year just to do the things in that sentence.
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