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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Heh- I don't care what you buy. I'm not telling anyone to wait, I'm not saying you should have.

It's kind of interesting you're so concerned with the "painful birth" of the Fermi when you already have your 2 X 5970s, not like you'll be switching, is it?

You just want to post FUD about Fermis apparently, try to help out ATi like Charlie. Whatever your reasons, that's fine.

I've played with Fermis, I'll be owning them very soon, and I'm pretty confident I'll enjoy them.

With my cards I can use AA in UE3 games like Batman, I'll be able to do 3d surround when I buy 2 more 2233RZs, and I can use the cool PhysX effects in my Darkest of Days, Batman AA, Mirrors Edge, Cryostasis, Dark Void, UT3, and GRAW2.

Heck, I'd stick with my quad GTX295s or GTX280SLi over your 5970CF this year just to do the things in that sentence.

The main reason for the painfull birth comment is that ideally,i'd like to see comparisons between both ATI and Nvidia cards before making a final decision either way if i were a consumer that doesn't really care which brand he owns as long as it's the fastest available for that particular time period,and i'm positive that Nvidia would want it that way too.

Like it or hate it, ATI won this round because it's competitor simply wasn't there to begin with,even if we disregard just how much HD5970's kicks ass in raw performance,and it's really that simple...Nvidia missed that train and it's long gone.

In the earlier years,i used to get all worked up about 10~20% performance differences between one card and the next,but these days,given the massive amount of performance available,especially in multi GPU setups,it's all pretty academic since it's far beyond what actual games are using anyhow,so i'd only be interested in an upgrade once setups eventually get 100% faster than what this Quad HD5970 setup can do,and the crazy part is that for all i know,it might happen late this year or early next.

As for UE3 games,i can force AA thru the control panel even if the games don't allow it thru their own in game graphics options list and have a massive amount of rendering power available to do it that way,even if it isn't as efficient in terms of performance.

As for 3D glasses or in game GPU physics,you know and i know it'll only truly take off when there's unified standards for those that work across all hardware,no matter how hard Nvidia tries to push those,and developers also know this.
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