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Originally Posted by nV`andrew View Post
Thanks for the suggestion. I usually buy from newegg but best buy is close to me. Was yours v2 from best buy? Hopefully there's something on the box that says it as well. The different versions probably explain why initial reviews were low, and the newer ones on newegg seem to be good.
i know this cost more then you are looking for

but these two are the best routers available on the market, just have to be careful with dlink, A revision is based on 300mhz ubicron cpu (****) and B revision is open source linux firmware running on 680mhz atheros CPU. I wouldn't buy dlink online because there is that chance you might get one of the horrible A revisions. In retail stores you can check to make sure what revision you are getting.

That netgear and Dlink B revision, both are based on the same 680mhz atheros CPUs.

you can run dual networks on them, a 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz bands, It almost like two routers in one.
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