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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
I'll give you an "A" for trying, but what is it you think you're "winning"?

You or I aren't going to change each others opinions, and we won't change the opinons of people reading this, so is there a point to your speculation and FUD?

I'm not trying for anything,the facts speak for themselves,so they sure aren't speculation or FUD.

1:Fermi is late as hell.
2:God knows when mainstream and budget DX11 cards will be released from Nvidia,judging by what Nvidia's CEO said yesterday.
3:ATI released an entire lineup of DX11 cards and they kick ass.
4:Standards that work on all graphics cards always win in the end,and the same applies for GPU physics and 3D glasses and GP-GPU features.
5:Microsoft owns and controls the Direct X standard,and OpenGL is dead and buried as a gaming API,so special features in hardware can't be supported with OpenGL driver extensions anymore.

This has nothing to do with charlie or his articles and opinions,it's just plain common sense for anyone who's been using computers for gaming for the last few years,the usual marketing BS used to distinguish one card from another by implying it can do something that others can't simply doesn't fly anymore.

It's really that simple and obvious in the end,and i'm sure other users realise this as well,so what i'm saying isn't rocket science here,but it's in your right to refuse to accept that if you wish.
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