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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
lol -there are no facts yet to hang your hat on. the fact you are getting so worked up is a sign that you need some poontang bud. Unless you are a shareholder of AMD stock, who gives a rats arse? I am pretty involved with Nvidia and I am not all hot and bothered over the build up and launch like you are. well, it does mean more projects for me to do and that they will upgrade my hardware with the latest and best but it is not like a cure for cancer is being held back from being released or that a magic pill that increases breast size or penix is about to hit the market. we are talking videocards.

now if she were at your door then you would have a reason to get all worked up

True,it is video cards in the end,hence why i got my pair of monsters on the first day they became available in late november and never looked back,even more so after it became obvious that Nvidia was going to be very late with Fermi.

The only time it wouldn't matter if a card is late of not is if there was only one company to choose from,so they can release what they want,when they want it and charge whatever they want for it,much like what Intel does for their higher end CPU's since AMD can't touch them there and hasn't been able to for a long while now.
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