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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
What guys like you and Shadow forget is that this is not a sporting event where we're cheering for teams.

Why would any sane persons ego be hurt? Why would any sane person think "ATi has been kicking their ass"?

Heh- if anything ATi is HELPING my ass. If NVIDIA didn't have any competition, I doubt they'd have bother with a focus group, and I wouldn't get the review samples to give my impression of. They'd just sell whatever they make, and we'd all have to buy it, because there would be nothing else.

Kaptkarl- do you feel bad when NVIDIA has the fastest card on the market? Have you ever given any thought to whether that is mature or "normal"? Seems to me you must think it's a normal state of affairs to have one's ego hurt by these events that are beyond your control and largely shouldn't matter to anyone but employees of either firm, if you're assuming we would react in this way.

Something to think about Kapt- and maybe speak to a psychiatrist about. Help is available.
Funny stuff Rollo, but don't lose your day job. My point is this. Everytime someone in here posts something positive about ATI, the fanboys here all get their pantines in a wad. Oh ATI sucks.....oh thier drivers suck..........oh thier cards suck. Give me a friggin' break people. It is like thier egos are bruised or something. It's the old FORD vs. CHEVY metality. An absolutley rediculous argument. Some model years ARE BETTER than others. You win some, you lose some. All I'm saying is that ATI is winning right now, and their cards are the best RIGHT NOW....period. Just like Nvidia's 8800 series cards were THE BEST at one point. And there is no assuming here, just look at all the negative posts here in response to giving ATI some some well deserved credit. And sorry, no psychiatrist neccessary.....just calling it like I see it here.

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