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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by LydianKnight View Post

So the lauch of these cards seems to be set for the 26th~28th of march in boston,at a convention i've never heard about to be honest,with actual reviews happening a week later,so only in early april will we get the whole story regarding fermi basically,but guru 3D already mentioned this little nugget without going into details though:

What I will tell you is that the clock frequencies on these boards surprised me, the GeForce 470 seems to be clocked at roughly 650 MHz, that's lower than I expected. And that indeed will have an effect on performance. I think it's safe to that the GeForce 470 and 480 will be worthy competitors towards the Radeon HD 5850 and 5870. Will it be a knock-out ? I doubt it very much. But is it important for NVIDIA to deliver a knockout to the competition ? Well they would hope so, but no .. not really, as the current performance levels that ATI for example offers simply are superb already. Being six months late to the market does pose an issue, ATI will already be respinning and binning their upcoming products, clocked higher and they could match NVIDIA in either price or performance.
Interpret that as you wish,but it seems to give Charlie some credit regarding Fermi simply not being much faster than Cypress,and Cypress is a 2.15 billion transistor GPU,while fermi is packing 3 billion transistors.

What's wrong with this picture?...
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