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Default Re: Gentoo ebuild (packaging)

Originally Posted by Zooloo View Post
@crisalide: I'd have a question, would you mind if I submit the ebuild to the official Gentoo bugtracker? For that you should also specify the license model under which you're publishing your code, for now I just assumed LGPL-2.1 as you can see in the ebuild, but you're the one to decide this.
As for installing in a distribution, I had to overcome the fact that your utility only loads the test data from the current directory by installing the executable and the data files into /usr/share/qvdpautest, renaming the executable into qvdpautest-exec and explicitly calling that renamed executable by the batch the Gentoo ebuild generates and actually installs it as /usr/bin/qvdpautest
This tool isn't meant to be installed system wide nor to be packaged. Some samples may be copyrighted (even if i doubt anyone would complain). Target users are expected to have the skills to compile it. But feel free to do what you want with it.
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