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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
So the lauch of these cards seems to be set for the 26th~28th of march in boston,at a convention i've never heard about to be honest,with actual reviews happening a week later,so only in early april will we get the whole story regarding fermi basically,but guru 3D already mentioned this little nugget without going into details though:

Interpret that as you wish,but it seems to give Charlie some credit regarding Fermi simply not being much faster than Cypress,and Cypress is a 2.15 billion transistor GPU,while fermi is packing 3 billion transistors.

What's wrong with this picture?...
Relax... I was just laughing to the Troll2 poster, not your post or Johny C's remark :P

In regards of your quote from the Guru3D's article, well... every of you know I'm not quite valid to say anything valid in what seems to be the eternal 'ATI vs NVIDIA' fight, because, frankly speaking, I don't give a f'ck about it...

512 cores, 550-575MHz, more than enough for me, I just want raw performance to play my current games and some future ones, I don't pretend neither going 100+ FPS in any game or having the best human invention ever since sliced bread...

Anyway, I'm beginning to think: 'if NVIDIA is supposed to have a refresh for fall-winter, and they're going to release that late, what's the real need to spend my hard earned money if 6-8 months later I'll have something even better?'...

Let's hope this 'current' Fermi doesn't dissapoint me, specs-wise, or... I think I'll do what I'm thinking right now...
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