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Default Doom-III just became a Non Issue in the benchmark war?

At a recent NVIDIA Editors' Day, id Software CEO Todd Hollenshed announced that DOOM 3 will be capped to 60 frames per second in the rendering engine.

We checked with John Carmack himself about why DOOM 3 will be hard-capped at 60fps in the renderer, and he had this to say:

"The game tic simulation, including player movement, runs at 60hz, so if it rendered any faster, it would just be rendering identical frames. A fixed tic rate removes issues like Quake 3 had, where some jumps could only be made at certain framerates. In Doom, the same player inputs will produce the same motions, no matter what the framerate is."

You know i really hope this is True. I am personally really burnt out on id and Epic being the sole determining factor for reviews and buying decision for the last several years. Quake etc.. Being FAR Worse of the Two. It will be a breath of fresh air if the engine internally caps at 60 no matter what. Of course it also pretty much negates the whole Nvidia, ATi cat fight over Drivers, performance etc...

Maybe id just got tired of all the constant industry BS associated with who posts the highest score pissing contests over their engines/Games.

I guess R420/Nv40 will need a different measuring stick.
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