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Default Re: nVidia unveil at Pax East

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
NVIDIA did not "make an announcement to make an announcement".

That is the day you can buy the cards, NDA ends. The "announcement" was to inform the public this product is being hard launched at PAX East, you can buy one there if you wish.

The whole gaming world has been speculating about the date this card launches, NVIDIA told them today.

Now anyone who wants to buy a HD5870 in the next 32 days can at least decide whether they want to wait the 32 days and have a NVIDIA option in their buying choices.

When you're considering spending $400+, 32 days is not that long to wait. If it's too long to wait, my opinion is "for one month of having the best single GPU card out, the user traded eleven months of having the best single GPU card". Because the GTX480 is faster than a HD5870, has more features, and is an evolution in GPU arch.

The 5870 is going to look kind of, well, "pale" in comparison very soon. (sooner yet for some of us!)
Well to be fair the article says "Test drive our highly-anticipated, next-generation GPU…you may even be able to buy one before anyone else"

That may be when the NDA is up but that doesn't mean I can hop over to Newegg and pick one up. You may can mean many things. But seeing as you obviously have the inside scoop I'll trust you when you say that they will launch for sale on the 26th. But you can see were some people would think it's and announcement to make and announcement.
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