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Default Re: Any Ethical Hackers?

I find the CUDA stuff interesting, nice to know that stuff snowman.

One thing I've discovered and have tested in my virtual environment are programs called "RATs" or Remote Access Tools. The concept is that you download a program, the program will build a client .exe for you. You find a "way" to deploy that to people's PCs via torrents, YouTube, etc. Once that client is installed and running on the victim's PC, you have FULL access to their computer, including the ability to change the registry on the fly, view their webcam and even their screen at your will without them even knowing. Now that is scary.

So what makes anti-virus apps not pick this stuff up? When the client is created, it is usually encrypted by a high level method of encryption, thus it can't be detected by AV.

One other thing that I've found that's scary is recruiting of clans, or at least the clans who have harmful intentions. Some clans just want to have fun and some others just want to steal your info for $$$.

After doing all this research, I definitely don't wanna be hacked EVER. But if I am one day, I'd like to know how it happened and how to strike back. Anyone who hacks me needs to be hurt twice as much, technologically speaking of course.
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