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Default nVidia Ge Force Cuda 310m

Hi guys,
I've just bought my new notebook, an ASUS X5DI, with a nVidia VGA (that in title of this thread).
I've installed Ubuntu KK with generic drivers enabled (i've preffered this ubuntu's version to JJ because I can obtain my resolution with KK).
I've tried to install legacy drivers from nVidia site (190.53) but when i restart i have blank screen. I've read something on forum (even on this) about edid file generated in windows environment, but even modifying xorg.conf i cannot obtain a good result. Screen is always blank and i had to format again my pc.

How cai i solve this problem? I need VGA works full because to work i use a CAD with high graphical requirements. I've bought this notebook for VGA because i believed it was perfectly supported. Please help me.

P.S. I've installed Ubuntu 32 bit version, but edid file was generated in windows 7 64 bit. Can be this the problem?
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