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Originally posted by Hellbinder
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Okay. A lot of people are theorizing that NVIDIA will beat ATI in Doom3 performance and that NV3x is basically designed for Doom 3. So, it makes sense to assume that the performance increase from NV3x will probably carry over into the next generation. Then, if it is capped at 60FPS, NV40 is a good deal faster than NV35 in DX8-level games and stochastic AA is a viable option, NVIDIA will have a crazy advantage in Doom 3 that ATI simply will not be able to match unless they do something with their AA as well.

But yeah. We're seeing a paradigm shift from "dood it gets 6,000,000,000 FPS" to "it gets 60FPS with 8xAA and 32xAF." Game developers haven't been able to use advanced features because of the length of time that games take to create and the incredibly short life of a GPU, so that explains the rapid growth of AA and AF. It also explains the lengthening of product cycles that we're seeing now.

so yeah. the 3D industry is changing for the better.
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