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Default Re: nVidia unveil at Pax East

Originally Posted by Johnny C View Post
It'll be interesting as well to see refresh cards from ATi, even if Fermi is 60% faster in tesselation, since the tesselator is a seperate unit in the 5000 series ATi could upgrade the tesselator without affecting anything else on die....lots of possibilities for both nV and AMD....

I'm just as excited for refresh cards as for Fermi's release....

The whole tesselation issue is being overblown in practical terms,since even a single Cypress GPU can aparently sustain polygon budgets as high as 14 million poly's per frame while able to sustain 60 frames per second,before the tesselator within hits it's performance limits.

Current games or any future title coming out in the next couple of years are nowhere near that amount in practical terms.

As for the refresh parts,it's a little cloudy what they are to be honest,as they could simply be higher clocked 40nm chips with no major changes,or that it might be using the same strategy that ATI did last year with the RV740(RV 670 shrunk to the 40nm process)....Basically taking a current architecture like Cypress and shrinking it down to the 32nm or maybe even 28nm fab process and adding the missing stuff that didn't make it into Cypress while using 40nm(a revamped memory controler and the crossfire sideport feature come to mind).

At 32 nm for instance,Cypress die size would shrink from 334mm^ down to about 230mm^,for which ATI then has to option to raise clock speeds and add even more features,while getting to know the new fab process at the same time,before taking the risk of a brand new architecture on a brand new fabrication process at the same time,which is what Nvidia attempted with Fermi,and it kinda backfired on them at least on the release schedule....We'll see about power use and performance in a few weeks.

Then again the above scenario could be what they have planned for late this year as the major release.....The main point here is that ATI has the options moving forward to continue being a pain in Nvidia's ass for the forseable future.
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