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I just installed the final of Mandrake 9.0
This is what I did, but it's not working for me.
First I downloaded the scr tar.gz for GLX and the Kernel one.
I then extracted to to my /home directory in thier own folders.
I then loged out of Xwindows. And made sure I started up in telenit 3. From there I did a Make on GLX and Make Install.
Then I edited the XF86Config-4 file to add the entries like the README says. I then went into the nvidia_kernal folder and did the make, make install on it. Everything went fine and witout errors!!!! Cool !


When i finished and restarted the pc, it come up to the console login prompt. I loged in as root and typed startx.
I saw the Nvidia Logo pop up then the red screen you see when login in as root in KDE3.
Well from there it just sat there for almost 3-5 minutes. With nothing on the screen but my mouse. I could move the mouse, but nothing was coming up. The hard drive was being hammered, but other than that.. nothing was going to good.
Then after about 3-5 minutes it just droped me out to the console.
No errors where shown in the /var/log/ file for XFree86 or anyplace that I could find.
Does anybody else have this problem, and if you fixed it... HOW THE HECK DID YOU DO IT!!!!!???
I really want to be able to play games under linux.
I have a GeForce 4 Ti 42000.
Please help!
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