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Default Re: nVidia unveil at Pax East

Made a run at those same settings and uploaded it to photobucket:

My result was 82 Fps,and of course tesselation is used and this particular synthetic benchmark is being heavily promoted by Nvidia to show off Fermi's tesselation abilities in a big way,so the bottom line is,to beat my score and this is assuming there is perfect scaling on fermi,users would need no less than a triple SLI GTX480 setup,which would theoretically hit 90 Fps,assuming of course that statement i linked to above is accurate,and a single Fermi does 30 Fps.(huge pile of salt of course).

Oh and my cards were running at stock speeds btw,(750/1000),even though they can run at 850/1200 very easily,but the cooling becomes noticably noisy at those clocks.

Bottom line is,even though it's supposedly Fermi's strongest point,i'm not exactly impressed here,and doesn't really make my cards no where near antiquated as Rollo stated earlier.
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