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Default Re: nVidia unveil at Pax East

Originally Posted by lee63 View Post
The thing that bothers me the most, all the cards will be gone with in a day or two....and who ever chooses to wait until benchmarks and performance numbers are out probably wont get one.

I asked Rollo earlier in this thread on about availability...he didn't reply, so take that for what its worth

Given that multiple sources now confirm that availability will be limited initially,if you really want to wait for reviews before making the pruchase,the most likely scenario is basically having to wait until later in april or even early may to actually buy one.

The first batch of cards seems to number in at about 10 000 between GTX470 and GTX480's worldwide,and to put that into perspective,when ATI launched the HD5850/5870 cards,they had 50 000 cards ready and available and 250 000 HD 5700 cards as well,and it all dissapeared within the first week of availability,and everybody complained about it for weeks afterwards about being near impossible to find one on store shelves.

Now imagine the situation with only 10 000 fermi cards available at launch.
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