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Default Re: Doom-III just became a Non Issue in the benchmark war?

Originally posted by Hellbinder

You know i really hope this is True. I am personally really burnt out on id and Epic being the sole determining factor for reviews and buying decision for the last several years. Quake etc.. Being FAR Worse of the Two. It will be a breath of fresh air if the engine internally caps at 60 no matter what. Of course it also pretty much negates the whole Nvidia, ATi cat fight over Drivers, performance etc...

Maybe id just got tired of all the constant industry BS associated with who posts the highest score pissing contests over their engines/Games.

I guess R420/Nv40 will need a different measuring stick.
I have got to say it before someone else does.. Of course I have yet to read this whole thread yet, but I just gotta say it.. <cues music> I bet [N] paid them to do it so their hardware wouldn't look bad...

I just had to say it before someone else did.... hehehe sorry bout that
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