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Default Re: nVidia unveil at Pax East

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
When you think about it guys. Just because the an nvidia exec said it won't hit its full stride until Q2 doesn't mean availability will necessarily be so limited as the 58xx series when it launched. They are launching near the end of Q1 and with only two cards. Even if quantities were fine they likely would not be able to sell as many as a full quarter where more cards are supposedly are going to launch (especially mainstream). And then who knows if the Tesla Fermi cards will even launch in Q1. Two cards are a mere fraction of what their business is made up of. I'm not saying quantities won't be limited but what I'm saying is either way it's only common sense that it won't hit full stride until Q2 if you're launching at the tail end of Q1...

HD 5700/5800 cards launched with 300 000 cards combined,and they still ran out of them in the first week,then it took several more weeks for a higher volumes to become available.

Hell,even my cards,which i ordered a pair when the NDA officially dropped on november 23rd,and i ordered thru NCIX,which listed 5 of them in stock,and their stock numbers are updated every hour btw.

when i started filling the order and adding my credit card and shipping details,the inventory was updated just before and those 5 were gone already,and i had to wait 2 weeks to get them(early december),and that's me pulling the trigger as soon as the NDA dropped....What little they had flew off the shelves basically.
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