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Default Re: nVidia unveil at Pax East

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Please, not another round of the ATi fan's favorite game:

"When ATi's single chip is losing to a dual GPU NVIDIA part, it's not a fair comparison. When ATi is winning with a dual GPU part, it's a fair comparison"

It was pretty clear I was comparing single GPUs, don't be an asshat.
Listen, kid.

Ignoring the fact right away that you're making up an argument for me that I never made above, you claimed that 5870 and 480 were in the same market in the post that I was referencing. That 480 would be the "market leader." Since when does the "same market" mean "single GPU"? And since when does the "same market" not include high end vs. high end since 480 is Nvidia's high-end part at this time? Are you rewriting the dictionary for us all?

The only one playing "games" here is you. You love to play these word games when you get called on your poor logic to try to dig out of the hole that you've dug yourself in. You love to take everything and spin it around to put it in the best light for the green team and the worst light for the red team--facts be damned. I know it, you know it, the entire interwebs knows it. If there's anyone on this planet who shouldn't be labeling anyone else a "fan" of another company, it's you. All you do is sit on Nvidia's Quadro and spin.

Even Mike, the site owner of NVNews, is less biased toward Nvidia than you. He runs a 5870 and has openly questioned how good Fermi will be compared to the performance it gives him. Now that man gets my respect. One who can see past their fandom for a certain company and simply acknowledge a good product without feeling the need to constantly put it down. HUGE respect from me. Those are the kind of people that I can reason with.

You should try being a little more non-partisan sometime. You'd garner a hell of a lot more respect than you do now.

And for the record, I don't like this kind of demeanor on EITHER side. For example, I'm not crazy about how Shadow parades around the forum constantly arguing against Fermi, either. It's fairly obvious that neither one of you can reason outside your own little box.

Have fun, I guess. I have more productive things to attend to.

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