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Default Re: nVidia unveil at Pax East

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
Those rumors do rely on the assumption that yields are in the single digits, which to me is unreliable and defies all logic unless Charlie's doom and gloom theory is right. That would mean after 3 revisions almost nothing has changed...

Absolutely true,but at the end of the day,since the HD5870 was released and Nvidia know what they're facing,if whatever issues Fermi was facing to require 3 respins,which might not all be yeild related btw(logic bugs and power issues,target clock speeds),also didn't allow to beat the HD5870 in performance within a gaming environment,there would be no point in releasing a Geforce version of it in the first place.

A fermi based Tesla or quadro card however is a lot more tolerant to bad yeilds and not hitting targetted clock speeds,since there's no competition in those markets from ATI and those cards sell for a lot more money than the Geforce ever would.

If i'm not mistaken and i'm going by memory here,a leaked Nvidia PDF detailing the tesla C2050 and C2070 Fermi based cards for instance,will sell for 2100$ and 2700$ respectively,so many times over the price of the Geforce version,hence there's there's a lot more profit margin there and bad yeilds aren't as much of a problem....Makes one wonder how many chips will be alloted for the Geforce version to be honest,at least until yeilds improve(if they are an issue still of course),as Nvidia are there to make money above all else,and there's a lot of money to be made with tesla and quadro based versions using fermi chips.
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