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Default Re: Linux backlight driver

Originally Posted by Julian2010 View Post
Hi hrh,
It's nice to read you have been successfull.
But as what you succeeded to implement can really be of some help to other readers here, would you be kind enough to give here for everyone'understanding:
-the machine (brand and make) you are using
-the OS you are using (Ubuntu, Gentoo?etc?)
-the step of that OS (for example Ubuntu 9.10 /kernel 2.6.31-19 [generic] )
-The graphic card used ( Brand and make)
-The step of the graphic card driver used
I guess it's about some sony laptop It won't help me for my samsung netbook, but someone else will learn from knowing your configuration to see if he can use directly (or not) the solution you successfully implemented for his own laptop.
Thank you in advance.
Can you write about your graphic card name brand and complete system information?
Thank you
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