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Default Re: nVidia unveil at Pax East

Funny how the ATI fans storm a totally NV biased site to defend their toys against a product which won't be available for at least a month.
Any assumptions made here are based on almost nothing but some pieces of architectural information, so I really wonder why they even bother to construct performance ratings, details about noise, power consumption and heat dissipation and even comparisons to existing products from those bits of information.
It gets even funnier when they simply start to invent prices and figures of initial availability.
Get a life and wait until March 26th when detail information will be available. There's enough time to bash each other based on facts then.
I don't know who Rollo is and what he did in other places, but reading through the last few pages at least he doesn't base his arguments on myths and theories some guy who seems to be a known NV hater initially spread.
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