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Thumbs up Official Battlefield Bad Company 2 Feedback Thread

Ok, so you've played the beta. You watched the trailers. You read and watched the developer interviews. You read benchmark data, and you fought pirates. That's still not quite enough to prepare you for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. In my opinion it needs to be played to be appreciated.

Using the Frostbite 1.5 Engine with a feature DICE calls "Destruction 2.0", this game is designed to be visceral and immersive, and it delivers on both. With tweaked graphics and smoothed-out gameplay (DICE really did listen to feedback between the Beta and the full game), this game may well be the first great release of 2010.

This post will be edited upon game release and will be continuously updated to provide current links.

  • Dice was kind enough to add a Field of View adjustment into the game's INI file, available in the My Documents folder. As it ships with a 4:3 ready field of view, for 16:9 and 16:10 monitors adjusting it to 59-80 seems to be the best way to go at this point. Go to t get the right FOV for you.

    A little more help on the FOV situation:

    4:3 (1024x768)
    FOV90 (Recommended) = 74
    FOV100 = 84
    FOV110 = 94
    5:4 (1280x1024)
    FOV90 (recommended) = 78
    FOV100 = 88
    FOV110 = 98

    16:9 (1280x720, 1920x1080)
    FOV90 = 59
    FOV100 = 68
    FOV110 (Recommended) = 78
    16:10 (1280x768, 1280800, 1440900, 16801050, 19201200, 25601600)
    FOV90 = 65
    FOV100 (Recommended) = 74
    FOV110 = 84
  • HBAO seems to have less of an effect on performance, so if having it on in the Beta brought your frames down too low, try it again in the full version.


PC Walkthrough Trailer:

Day 1 Map Pack Trailer:

SP Videos (360 Footage):

... I'm going to spend some time looking at the map previews so I can try and get a feel for them before I get the game.

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