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Default Re: nVidia unveil at Pax East

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
The problem is you're not posting "difficult questions", you're just parroting "Butthurt Charlie's" FUD as if it were facts.

Whether Anand is angry or not isn't NVIDIA's primary reason for keeping all info NDA till the cards launch is my guess, as a corporation their only responsibility is to their shareholders.

If releasing information that could allow ATi to make production choices like "we know we have a 5% failure rate at core speed/core voltage X and a 10% failure rate at core speed/core voltage Y, but we estimate we'll have to produce Z performance based on the info NVIDIA was kind to give us" allows ATi to get some weeks/months jump on their refresh final spec, I can easily see why NVIDIA would hold their cards "close to the vest".

You need to look at things from a business perspective, not a "we want info and we're good guys" perspective. For all we know, you could work at ATi and be complaining about this in hopes of starting a grass roots "we want info!" movement, for the reasons I detailed above.

Really now?....The delays are accurate as charlie has been stating for months now,but hey it's Fud according to you.

Here's another good question,why show the cards at PAX,which is basically a glorified lan party basically,when CEBIT is in march 2nd to the 6th in hannover germany,and i think it's a lot more well known and gets way more media coverage than PAX ever will,and i quote

CeBIT has been called the world’s largest technology trade show,and gets 560 000 visitors on average.

And as for holding back clock speeds,i told you already,ATI itself alread went on the defensive and mentioned that Fermi might take the speed crown for a while,and ATI is a business in the end,so the refresh parts,whatever they are,are going to be clocked as high as they can,while still having good yeilds.

Trying to clock them as high as possible even after Fermi is released in some sort of dick mesuring contest,so that reviews show it winning,but when it comes to mass production,the yeilds are so bad that hardly any volume can be made,is no victory for ATI in money making terms,it's just a PR victory at most,and it's completely pointless.

Oh and here's what they're going with the 300 series designation,and this has got to be a new record in rebranding:

If i were an Nvidia investor,would that make me happy when ATI has DX11 cards on the market and performing better than those already,for the same money....No i wouldn't.
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