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Default Re: nVidia unveil at Pax East

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
No beavis, you're not. Take some advice rollo, beavis supports NV, does some of the same kind of things you do for them, but you know what? Hes respectable, and not an arrogant ass about it. +1 beavis.

If I were to tell you "Please stop posting negative to NVIDIA slanted comments because Darth Beavis doesn't post negative things about NVIDIA", would you do it?

If I were to ask you to change you posting style for any reason, would you do it?

So why do you expect me to?

I am not Darth Beavis, I am not ChrisRay. Hard as it may be for you to believe, I'm an individual with my own take on things. I'm not an employee of NVIDIA, there is no "company line" to follow. Note in my signature the verbage NVIDIA's legal team prepared for focus group member which states the opinions I express are strictly my own.

While I imagine ATi, and every ATi fan under the sun would prefer that I focused on modding cases like Darth Beavis, or running benchmarks and doing tech support like Chris used to, that's not how I choose to enjoy my hobbie.

I play video games with NVIDIA hardware, I post about the experience. When I see FUD or innacurate information posted about NVIDIA hardware I'm quick to point it out. I moderate on nZone, or don't, as time and mood allow. I post press releases for NVIDIA. I forward valid concerns about NVIDIA hardware to them. I give advice on purchasing, and if I know the answer to a question I post it.

The key is all of the above are things I enjoy doing and want to do, and that's what I plan to keep on doing.
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